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Framed updates to v1.14!

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Framed updates to v1.13 with a revised French translation and a fix for the case that the Iron Headquarters are visited in chapter 5 but not completed until after doing the alternative chapter 5 visit to Candlekeep. Thanks @JohnBob for the proof reading!

Changelog v1.13:

- French translation revised, by JohnBob
- Alternative Chapter 6 should also start if the group returns after entering the Iron Throne Headquarters before going to Candlekeep in chapter 5.
- Updated install order syntax for PI

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Framed updates to v1.14 with a fix and some optimizations.


- Chapter change should not be initiated in Iron Throne Head Quarters if Candlekeep was done the normal way.
- Optimized patching of DELTAN.dlg (I_C_T instead of EXTEND_BOTTOM + added transactions).
- French translation revised (game.tra), by JohnBob.


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