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G3: Road to Discovery updates to v0.8!

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Road to Discovery (RtD)

A mod for Siege of Dragonspear in a BGEE or EET setting.

Authored by jastey with one component from Lauriel's Themed Tweaks mod, RtD opens up roleplaying by allowing the player to discuss and reveal what they learn about Caelar Argent and her crusade with allies in the coalition and other NPCs throughout the campaign.

The mod is still looking for players and feedback.

Version v0.8 comes with fixes, improvements, and the changes also include an update of the component of Themed Tweaks to the most current version.


- Updated Themed Tweaks "Add stat-based observations and options" component to TT v0.4: Info about fallen paladin Dauston should be available if Corwin joins the party at first camp, too; Edwin's dialogue about scrying pool scene should close propely.
- Dialogue with officers in bd3000.are should not skip parts if PC has nothing to report, and thre should be no doubled reply options.
- Viconia's or Glint's interjection into PC's self-talk about crusader camp "blessing" should not break the dialogue.
- Marshal Nederlok should be aware there were already two fiend wars at Dragonspear Castle.
- Sir Deggernaut's dialogue should not double reply options.
- Optimized variable triggers for PC's conclusions regarding Caelar's plans.


Learn more from the project page or readme, join us on the forums, or download RtD.

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