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Are you updating the mod anytime soon?

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I have been experimenting with the Red Chimera group's beta test of IWD2EE.  At first the IWD2 NPC mod worked fine.  But with their recent updates, it appears the script part of the NPC dialogues are incompatible with their mods.  At the first conversation with the man with the injured arm, when the other NPCs are about to say something in the dialogue tree of the conversation, the game completely crashes.

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They did just update the IWD2EE mod to make yours compatible with theirs.  I just really enjoy the IWD NPC mods.  It puts character and entertaining stories into the games.  Without them the games were kinda boring even though the concept of creating 6 party members like the classic gold box days was well intentioned.  Some of us or most though loved the chemistry of the NPC members and their banter and dilemmas.  The IWD NPC was captivating with its backstories especially of the NPC Nella and her apprenticeship with Arundel and the comical relief of the back row characters Teri and Severn and their awkward romance.  The whole party's great spirits are tested by the game's plot and what is uncovered, but in the end their bonds remain strong.  Thank you for the NPC mods.

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