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Kerzenburgforum: Brage's Redemption updates to v8.2 with some fixes!

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Brage's Redemption


Brage's Redemption is a Quest Mod for BG1 and an NPC Mod for the whole Baldur's Gate Epic. It is natively compatible with BG:EE, SoD, BGII, BGT, BGII:EE, EET. No Tutu. Brage NPC is fully functional in SoD and BGII but content is not finished.

The mod introduces a quest extention to the Brage quest in the game (BG1). Brage is the captain of the Nashkel guard and went missing after killing his family. The quest extention to prove his innocence was originally published as the component "Brage's Sword" in the mod bgqe.
To gain Brage as a joinable NPC, the PC needs to prove his innocence as well as give him back his real sword. After leaving the temple once after that, Brage can be visited inside the temple of Helm in Nashkel and will offer to join the PC.

Portrait and promotion art by Acifer!


v7.1 comes with corrected detection for EndlessBG1 so installation of crossmod is not attempted for Transitions if EndlessBG1 is not present.


- Adjusted check for EndlessBG1 so it doesn't try to install crossmod for Transitions mod.


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Mod Page

Download the Mod (GitHub)

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