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Kerzenburgforum: Brandock the Mage updates to v1.3!

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Brandock the Mage NPC Mod

Brandock is a mage NPC for Baldur's Gate. He is friendly and helpful and very interested in magic books. While travelling with Brandock, the PC learns about why he is at the Sword Coast and where he is from - both deeply connected to well known locations of the BG games but I do not want to spoiler too much. Brandock talks a lot, and there will be several topics along the game's story that will keep his thoughts - and mouth - busy.

Brandock comes with friendship talks, own quests, and banters with some NPCs, and player initiated dialogues. The latter offers the possibility to ask Brandock a lot of questions to topics he mentioned or events in game.

Please note: So far, the mod officially contains no BGII content. Brandock can be met and join the group in BGII, reacts to the mage stronghold and sphere quest, and has an epilogue, but apart from that content for BGII is not done yet.

Version 1.3 comes with minor changes and fixes.


- Messenger from Elvenhair should come.
- Brandock's comment on being in prison should fire.
- Reduced Brandock's starting HPs to 10.
- More crossmod (Brandock reacts to libraries in mod areas from Breagar and Aajntis BGII).
- Brandock's remark about freeing the Nashkel Mines should not fire before mine is freed.
- Removed deprecated PID options.
- Removed empty sling proficiency effect from c#bran01.cre.
- Typo correction.

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Modpage at Kerzenburgforum

Direct GitHub Download

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