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G3: EndlessBG1 updates to v17!

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Gibberlings Three


Endless BG1


For the EE games, the main aim of this mod is to provide the possibility to remain in the BG1 "world" after Sarevok is defeated. Original progressing/ending of the game will be done by talking to Duke Belt inside the Palace.
For EET, it also adds the possibility to move on to BGII by skipping SoD completely. This was included because it was easy to add, not because I think it should be skipped. (Also note that there might be mods that expect SoD events to have happened in BGII).

For BGT, the main component of the mod adds some praise for the PC to Duke Belt's dialogue and removes some oversights with regard to references to Sarevok after he died.

There are several optional components that give more flavor to the situation and prepare for the SoD story events in all games. For most additional content I was inspired by how Baldur's Gate city looks in SoD. Three components are for SoD/EET only.


Version 17 comes with minor fixes and changes!


-Korlasz' Crypt in BG1: NPCs should always use their SoD scripts while inside the crypt.
-Duke Jannath should not ask for the tomes if Imoen already gave them to her.
-More cleanup after Sarevok: Delthyr in ThreeOldKegs, Sorrel in NBaldursGate.
-Journal entries that make no more sense after Sarevok's defeat should be closed or erased (work in progress).
-Added compatibility note to readme for "BG1 NPCs in SoD"-Mods and dlg/bcs handling for "Korlasz' Dungeon in BG1": NPCs get their SoD dialogue and script assigned. If BG1 NPCs do not have an original SoD script they would have to be patched accordingly if a mod requires them to have one.


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