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Is there a way to ensure a weapon's effect is active if and ONLY if you're wielding that weapon and nothing in your off-hand? (BGEE/BG2EE)

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I'm playing with some ideas to add some items into my mod, and I had an idea of giving mixed blessings to a dagger.

Essentially, I'd like to implement something along the lines of: "when wielding this weapon only, your backstabs do 10% more damage". I'm trying to limit indiscriminate bonuses such as backstab hit effects (affects any weapon you're using as long as you're holding the one with that property) with the limitations of the available functions. Any ideas?


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Doable, but somewhat complex. See here for how to have items increase an unused proficiency bit. Say you have all off-hand-possible weapons increase stat 90 (longsword prof) by 4<<16 (a value of 4 in the third byte of the stat). 

Now you can 1) apply your weapon’s bonus via a repeating spell applied every round, for one round. But 2) have that spell begin with an op318 effect which blocks application of the bonus when it detects a stat value of 8<<16 in stat 90. (Because that would imply two items being equipped, each adding 4<<16 to the stat value.) 

Equipping bonuses via repeating spells are very slightly wonky - you might find a window of a couple seconds in which you get the bonus even while dual-wielding - but you can tighten it up to the point where you might not notice it. (I don’t mind such things being less than perfect when I play; some players have less tolerance.)

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