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Problem with EET installation.

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I did a installation of EET with big mods. All was OK during the installation and the program give me the successful 

But When I execute baldurs.exe (in Baldurs gate 2 folder) and try to create a new game, the program crash (I used EE-mod set up). Ocurrs the same if I try to generate a character but for example I can in the menu to select campaign or surfing for the different game option (sounds, game etc...)

I attach the weidu.log for if it was possible to obtain help or support

Best Regards



WeiDU.log WeiDU-BGEE.log

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The problem with the EE Setup Tool is that even if I/we look at your weidu.logs, we do not know whether the original mods are installed in your game or not; i.e. whether some changes the tool maintainer made to their inauthorized mod versions is causing the problem. Thus, looking at the actual (original) mods might not even lead to clues. Plus, I assume that it is clear why -at least- me will not spent even more of my free time debugging someone else's hostile fork of my work.

That said, crashes in the EE games can happen for several reasons: there is a text format error in your install. This can happen if a mod doesn't use the correct utf8 (without BOM) format but the texts use symbols, like languages other than English usually do. You can identify text format errors by looking at your game with Near Infinity, and chose Tools -> Check -> for encoding errors. If it lists lines they could be traced back to a mod they are from.

The other possibility is missing or faulty animations; not only for the character themselves but also for weapons, armor, and spell effects (fpr example for some animated protection effects on items etc.)

I'm not sure these would be your problems, although no. 1 might be worth a shot.

How far do you get into the game? Do I understand it right that you see the menu screen with "select your campaign" but no matter what you press the game crashes? How exactly does it crash, does it lock up or is it a straight CTD? Is there anything in an error.log of sorts?

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Many Thanks Jastey:

Is there another friendly tool to do a baldurs mod big installation? I am not much experience in this

I prioritize Spanish translation. Could be this the problem?

I push New Game and appear the typical Window Circle blue forever. I have to stop the program using the Windows Administrator. I can select perfectly the campaign or change for example sound or game options with any problem

I am going to try near infinite 

Best Regards






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Just in case: Link to Near Infinity

The tool would be Project Infinity. Its strength comes with a weakness: you'd need to set the install order yourself. There is help with that if you ask here, but you'll need to look at other weidu.logs and mod readmes yourself to get it started.

And yes, it's well possible some mod didn't use the correct text format for Spanish and that leads to the crash. Let us know if you identify a mod - it might be worth looking at the original mod, as well, to make sure it's not a bug that needs fixing.

Nevertheless, I'd recommend nuking the mod packages the tool downloaded and start fresh with downloading the original mod versions.

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It is a very good tool. I checked the string encoding error and the tool find a lot of error. 4532 errors in 808 string. All for the dialogues in Spanish exception de last one that it is in English. 

I hope that this can help for it is necessary to fix some errors. 

Additionally I am doing a new installation all in English

I copy one line error (the file is very heavy to load here)


Number of hits: 4532
String table: dialog.tlk, StringRef: 346937 /* Cuando la Palabra de Poder es pronunciada, todas las criaturas a 8 metros del objetivo deben realizar una tirada de salvaci�n contra varitas o sufrir un angustioso dolor durante 2-8 asaltos que penaliza en 4 puntos el THACO y en 1 la clase de armadura.  El conjuro s�lo puede usado una vez al d�a, y durante su ejecuci�n, el lanzador esta obligado a llevar el amuleto en la mano.  ESTAD�STICAS:  Habilidad ofensiva: Todos los enemigos a 8m o menos son penalizados con -4 al THACO y -1 al AC durante 2-8 asaltos. Salvarse vs. varitas anula efectos. Las criaturas con resistencia m�gica son inmunes */, Error message: Malformed input data found at offset 123, length: 1 byte

And copy the only one in English

String table: dialogf.tlk, StringRef: 422718 /* Ofelix was an adventurer from the far north of Faer�n. He was from a tribe of barbarians that made a point of ignoring outsiders - even when invaders overran their lands. They maintained their independence even in servitude, never abandoning their language, religion or customs, against the express wishes of their conquerors. After several years of enslavement a group of warriors planned an all out attack to expel the invader. However, the insurgency was defeated and in loyalty to his homeland, Ofelix chose death above slavery and was executed. This halberd is the only artefact that remains to attest to his skill and bravery.  STATISTICS:  Enchantment: +2 Damage: 1d10 + 2, +4 Vs. Chaotic Opponents Thac0: +2 Bonus Damage Type: Piercing Weight: 8 Speed Factor: 8 Proficiency Type: Halberd Type: Two-Handed Requires: 9 Strength */, Error message: Malformed input data found at offset 51, length: 1 byte




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I am not experience with the mods. In fact, never I finish a game with mods.

I review the list and for the string number and the topics and probably there are more than 20 different mods (I think all for BG II or Throne of baal). It is very difficult to fix all. I think the better is try to do a complete English install. Another problem that I am discovering in the new English installation it is that many mods dont have its last version in Spanish so I am afraid if I use old version mods we will have a lot of problems during the game, lost content etc..

I report here the result of this new installation

Many thanks for the support. Today I learn many things






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