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[QUESTION] How to prevent a character from healing hit points for period of time?

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I'm trying to implement the following:

RAGE: The Battlerager becomes enraged for 2 turns, and gains a +1 bonus to attack and +3 bonus to damage rolls, +15 temporary Hit Points, and becomes immune to charm, confusion, domination, fear, feeblemind, hopelessness, morale failure, rigid thinking, stun, and sleep. While enraged, the Battlerager is unaware of <PRO_HISHER> current Hit Points and cannot benefit from any effect that heals Hit Points. After the rage subsides <PRO_HESHE> becomes fatigued and <PRO_HISHER> Strength drops for 2 turns.

I've managed to get everything but "cannot benefit from any effect that heals Hit Points"

I tried using the following but nothing happens, the character still benefits from a potion of healing. Any assistance would be appreciated...please and thank you.

Type: Immunity to effect (101)
Target: Self (1)
Power: 0
Unused: 0
Effect: Current HP bonus (17)
Timing mode: Instant/Limited - 0
Dispel/Resistance: Dispel/Bypass resistance (3)
Duration: 60
Probability 1: 100
Probability 2: 0
Unused: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 77 h
# dice thrown/maximum level: 0
Dice size/minimum level: 0
Save type: ( No save )
Save bonus: 0
Special: 0
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