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Sorcerer/Shaman multiclass

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Just for teh lulz, I am trying to learn creating some custom classes/kits and I was wondering... is there a way to simulate a Sorcerer/Shaman muticlass? To be more accurate, I am not interested in any of the shaman features besides the spontaneous casting of divine spells alongside spontaneous casting of arcane spells.

I noticed "Faiths & Powers: Gods of the Realms" seems to offer quite a few tweaks there, allowing fun stuff like Sorcerer/Druid and Shaman/Mage, as well as it seems to offer to "switch" to spontaneous divine spellcasting, so it should be theoretically possible (specifically Sorcerer/Druid + spontaneous divine spell casting), however I am too inexperienced to see through the mod's complexity.

Any clues?

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Yes - install Tome & Blood “Multiclass Sorcerers” and then Faiths & Powers “Spontaneous Spellcasting Option” and “Multiclass Druids” and “Multiclass Shamans” and you should have the option for something like what you want. 

Just be warned, by using spontaneous casting for both classes, it can cause your spells to switch spots in the UI - i.e. divine spells on the left, then switching to arcane spells on the left, and back, depending on which one you cast most recently. This might not bother you, or it might drive you crazy. Depends on your sensibilities. 

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