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Stutter Debug Tool updates to v4.1 with French version!

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Stutter Debug Tool

A help to identify looping scripts in IE games.

The Stutter Debug Tool is to help debug script malfunctions in the game. For example, if an NPC "stutters", i.e. only walks a few steps and constantly terminates any actions, or if the NPC's PID (player initiated dialogue) pops up repeatedly. Also, if the game experiences a lag which could be caused by a looping script.

The Stutter Debug Tool will patch every script block with a text stating which script and script block number is running. The text is shown in the textbox ingame and also right above the entity executing the script.

Version 4.1 comes with a French translation by Selphira and a new paragraph in the readme about how to debug a stutter.


-French version added, by Selphira.
-Added paragraph to the readme: HOW TO DEBUG A SCRIPT STUTTER.
-Fix SoD detection for game info output.

Download the Tool

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