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The Crucible


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Guest morpheus562

Thank you all for your interest in assisting with the closed testing for the Crucible mod! This is the first mod I've made of this type and scope, and I want to ensure I deliver the absolute best experience I can to the player. With that, I am seeking the assistance of those interested in helping playtest this mod and provide feedback for me. More sets of eyes and differing perspectives are going to catch and identify things that I am inherently going to miss, so all help is appreciated. Gentleman's rules regarding discussing the mod outside of this forum. You are welcome to give honest, positive or negative opinion about the mod, but I kindly ask to not mention specifics regarding story, encounters, etc.

Getting Started

Once joining, I will connect with you and give you access into my git repository where this mod is kept. Simply download the mod into your game and install like any other mod. Note: The setup-xxx.exe is not present, so you will have to create a new one by copying an existing one and renaming it to "setup-crucible.exe".

To easily access the area to kick off the quest, go into "ppguy01.dlg" and change State Trigger 1 and Response Trigger 4 to "True()". In game you can kick off the dialog by typing the following into the clua console which will take you to the start of the mod.



I am creating multiple threads to cover different types of feedback I am looking for. This includes Bugs/Quirks, Lore, Encounters/Mechanics, and Other. Any and all feedback is welcome.


This mod is inherently made to be a challenge for the player. Encounters are incredibly responsive to the difficulty slider, so for an unmodded playthrough I recommend playing at around Core difficulty. If you have a heavily modded game and feel up to the challenge, I think Insane is going to keep you on your toes and provide that challenge.

EDIT: I did some big updates here and reduced the difficulty drastically on anything less than Insane difficulty. Playing on hard or below will allow one to be challenged, but be able to enjoy the quest and content. Insane is for those who do not want the punches pulled and have everything thrown at them. Insane is meant to literally be insane.

Update Frequency

I plan to move toward pushing one update per day to the mod which will occur nightly.


This mod can be used with or without Ascension and mods that add IWD Spells (IWDification or SCS). If using these other mods, install Crucible after them.

Please Note: You only need to install the SCS IWD spell before this mod. The bulk of SCS should still be installed after Crucible.

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Install for linux users is as follows::

 cp -r <path to git repo>/Crucible/crucible <path to "Baldur's Gate II Enhanced Edition/">

# mine was  ~/.steam/steam/steamapps/common/Baldur\'s\ Gate\ II\ Enhanced\ Edition
cd <path to "Baldur's Gate II Enhanced Edition/">

weidu crucible/crucible.tp2

Big thanks for involving me <3.

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