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bg 1 and bg2 team build-up, asking for advice,. with berserker / druid minsc

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hi. i have level 1 npc, spell revision and iwdification, and am planning to make minsc a berserker / druid. would that work from candlekeep all the way to throne of bal? i am having trouble deiciding what weapons to give each member in my team, can anyone help?

it's classic bgt so some ee only weapons do not exist

for bg1

cleric and druid multi class weapon restriction unlocked, for allowing minsc and PC to use blades. do not plan to abuse it too much.

PC C/R, spelltable unlocked. not sure what to use, preferrably warhammer or flail, or scimitar?

khalid (changed to f/m) /garrick / xan (support arcane caster) in the beginning--->Quayle (he throws rocks)

alora / safana / imoen in the beginning----> coran longbow swords varscona

Jaheira -> quarterstaff+scimitar? preferrably consistent with her old druid image (drizzt's goodies, frontliner)

minsc -> not sure what weapon to use, preferrably bladed. frontliner (change him to berserker / druid)

dynaheir (cannon-blaster)


PC Cleric / Ranger,

jan jansen caster


haer needs something to boost str

keldron 2hd avenger,

nalia main arcane caster (backup members valygar, anomen, mazzy, jaheira, aerie swap out if necessary to balance roles and weapon distribution. except nalia as i am trying to romance her per a mod)

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darnise romance is good if somewhat boring still good, but that fecking music is much TOO LOUD makes the mod unplayable for me.

I prefer Auren Aseph (good night chuck, hahhaha), she will romance Nalia for me and that romance is exciting, funny and unpretentious, and no annoyig music hurting ears and brain.

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