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Crash after loading (corrupted) save after having Imeon accept Thief Stronghold [fix]

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To fix the crash you will need to edit (can be done with NearInfinity) IMOEN2J.DLG

Go to Edit tab (NearInfinity) and select Action (my was no. 197 yours will different) that has this in it:


There will be yellow triangle warning that something is off. Change above to

ActionOverride("Renal Bloodscalp",ChangeAIScript("KishRena",RACE))

You will still need to load the save before you reported death of Mae'Var to Renal Bloodscalp because save is corrupted.


I will noticed that triggers in the area script AR0300.bcs (Docks of Athkatla) having incorrect triggers enabled/disabled. You go to the area file AR0300.ARE and look for the trigger numbers and letters. Some of them will miss a letter or b.

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