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I installed in the following order:


It seems that for some campaigns (BG1 and Tutorial) EET pulled from pl_pl language files instead of en_us.
I made sure to select "english" every time, and that all games were set to English before the installation started.

How do I fix this?



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Likely what happened was you didn't select the correct English selection during the first weidu.exe lauch. Yes, all the setup-modname.exe's are weidu.exe just renamed as setup-modname.exe's to take orders from the setup-modname.tp2 files.
To fix this post install... you really can't. Other than complete reinstall.
But you can open up the weidu.conf file in the game folder to check what language you actually selected during that first mods install process...

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So, after murdering both BG1EE and BG2EE and scrapping the whole thing and installing from scratch, this time making sure to chose correct language - it worked and now everything is in "proper" english.


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