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Protection from Opcode [101]


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Something that should be noted with this effect is that it protects against opcodes that are "built" within the engine in addition to the ones that are used in spells/items.


So for example, a protection from the "force visible" opcode prevents the character from becoming visible when attacking in an invisible state. It could be useful for absolute invisibility effects. A protection from the "damage" opcode prevents the character from being damaged by the weapons themselves, but does not grant protection from any other non-damage effects associated by the weapon. A protection from "casting graphics" opcode prevents the default casting graphics to play (although it does play the sound). Useful for a timestop spell, where you don't want any casting graphics to go off after the spell has expired. I could go on with the list forever, but these are a few such examples.


It does not however, offer any protection against opcodes that are used through effect files.



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It is extremely important to note which effects are hardcoded in the engine.

Like the 'force visible' opcode.

For example: the timed item creation opcodes (item creation for days/ticks) add an item removal opcode to the affected creature.

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