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[Core]: Searching for Video Driver...[ERROR]

Guest Estariel

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Guest Estariel


I've compiled GemRB0.2.4 on a Ubuntu5.04 system.


I've edited GemRB.cfg in order to run Baldur's Gate 1.


When running gemrb (./gemrb), I get this error:


[Core]: Searching for Video Driver...[ERROR]



what could I do?

I own a GeForce6600GT and the nvidia driver is running properly (all other games use it).



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If he hadn't sdl-devel package he wouldn't compiled it  :)

Yeah, that's exactly what i thought :)

If there is no libSDLVideo.so.0.0 in the plugins dir, then it will result in the error message he asked about.

The simplest way to not have that plugin is that he wasn't able to compile it.

And the simplest way to leave it out of compilation is that one has no SDL-devel package.

This is why i also talked about Openal, Openal is required for the libACMImporter and the libMVEPlayer modules.

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I've <compiled> GemRB0.2.4 on a Ubuntu5.04 system.


He could it compile so it's not a matter of sdl-devel, but if you say so :)


I'm too much interested in the project. I have 4 months of free time (holidays), and was wandering if I could help in any way? I even started too learning c++ harder, but I'm just beginner, so maybe 4 months are too short to know enough to develope gemrb...

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Yes, though I suggest learning Python too.

We already received valuable contributions from non-developers.

Usually Python guiscript patches.

If you got iwd, then you could help fixing avatars.2da for iwd1.

It seems iwd and how use a different character animation scheme.

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