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A quick, and totally noobie, modding question


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It is detailed in Cam's Kit Creation Tutorial which you can find a forum or two down the main page. :)


In essence, the HLA file to use is specified when you install the kit with WeiDU. The easiest way to make your own is to copy one of the existing kit ones (so for a Cleric, something like LUCL0.2DA) and just tweak it. A list of what filenames different HLAs are can be found at the IESDP, http://www.iesdp.gibberlings3.net


Good luck! :)

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Thank you guys so much! This really let me get on with me work :) , only the stupid thing was that I was reading his tutorial but just read over that part. D'oh! ;)


Edit: Now I came upon another hiccup probably created by my own stupidity, I want this cleric to have access to different spells than a normal cleric. Wich means screwing with his spellbook, say I want to give him Harpers call how do I go about that, I mean it's probably very easy but I can't see it. :)

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Hmm... since Jaheira is the only character in the game to get it (as far as I know) it might not be addable by playing around with sphere assignments. It might have to be done by script at each level... But someone else may have a better idea on how to do it than me.

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