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IMPORTANT: When installing V5

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If you ran a previous version of the mod, then WHEN installing V5 please make sure that you are installing BOTH components of the mod (ie select the 'ask about each component' option and select 'Reinstall' for 'Kivan of Shilmista').


Please do NOT skip this component - it holds all of the updates, appart from Deheriana's new CRE's.


If you are unsure if you have installed it or not, please check your DEBUG file: if it says 'Skipped' Kivan of Shilmista, please re-run the installer forcing it to install the first option.


Cam had re-uploaded V5 on Jul 4 2005, about noon fixing a problem in TP2 that reversed Mac and Win soundfiles install. If you have uploaded the version prior to that time, please update it. :)

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