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Difficulty Level


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I´m basicly looking for a way, how I can get the toughest enemies and I want them to fight with the options their scripts offer them, without doubling their damage.

Could this be achieved throught replacing difficulty checks with variables, or is a way to edit the difficulty levels directly? It would be nice if also mods were affected, therefor it should be somehow achieved through a automatic process.


Well, I guess I've made lots of mistakes in this post - I really shouldn't write posts at 4am. Anyway all help is appreciated.

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I don't rember whether it works in bg1/2, but in IWd1/2 you can edit the game's ini file changing Suppress Extra Difficulty Damage=0 into Suppress Extra Difficulty Damage=1


EDIT> PS. For bg there somewhere a mod that does this (look in the mod list)

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