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Mod idea: a couple of small NPC


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Here is a mod I alreay started to devellop in my french modding community. It adds two NPC to the game.


Ginera an illusionist female gnome of neutral good alignement.







Total: 83


Her husband is joignable too. His name is Brenn, he is a lawful good halfling kensaï.









For the moment, I only have the NPC done, plus two long swords for Brenn:



Immunity to charms

Can charm an humanoid for 15 seconds


-Vivid-iron (sounds better in french: Vif-Acier):


TAC0 +2


So I'd like to have your opinion about this idea. One thing worries me: some french people are not really keen on the halfling kensai, and think a thief would be more appropriate. As for me, a halfling thief is more stereotyped. Anyway...


What do you think of this mod?



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Hm, I agree that following stereotypes isn't a good reason to make a halfling a thief. On the other hand, breaking those stereotypes in this particular way, with a Lawful Good fighter, in the same game with Mazzy...I'm not sure that's a good idea, either.


I'm also dubious about both stats that get racial bonuses being maxed (the gnome with 19 Intelligence, the halfling with 19 Dexterity).

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For the stats, you are right, this is too much. But I think I will keep the 19 in dex for Brenn. I lowered Ginera's dex and intellignece by 1, and increased her constitution by 2.


As for Brenn, I keep the stats except that I lowered his charisma by 1 point.


For the Lawful good, you are right too. I think in the way I'd like to devellop his personnality, lawful neutral should go well too. He is not especially seeking for good and justice, but he has a great sense of honor, discipline and method. For him, everything should be done in a way precedently defined. He is a hard workinf person, training each day to be one with his sword in a fight.

All of this allows to break the stereotype without copying Mazzy...


At least, I hope so...

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