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BG2 and dialogs

Guest kt

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Does dialogs works in BG2? It doesn't look so. After starting game when Imoen tries to start dialog with protagonist nothing happens. The log looks like:


[GUIScript]: Missing function:UpdateControlStatus

[GameControl]: Dialog aborted???[GUIScript]: Missing function:UpdateControlStatu



Windows 2k3, GemRB 0.2.4, BG2 configuration: SoA + ToB + Baldurdash fixpack. It is some special DVD edition, so ToB patch is probably integerated.

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Thx for info. Don't think that I have time and patience (and skills, makefiles make me scared :]) to compile GemRB under Windows, so one question:

- does GemRB need write access to BG2 directory? I wan to compile and run it under Linux and mount NTFS partition with BG2 installation - writing to NTFS partition is 'little' dangerous AFAIK


Cheers, kt

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Config file contains some options regarding to cache and save paths. Maybe this is the way ;-).


Anyway I was able to compile and run GemRB under Ubuntu 5.04. And yes, dialogs work. Summaring - u guys did a damn ammount of work. There is still many things to do, too bad that my interest in C/C++ disappear long time ago (yeah, I'm scared of pointers, too :>), it would be nice to participate in this project.

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- writing to NTFS partition is 'little' dangerous AFAIK

I gather that more than 'dangerous' it's actually 'very difficult' to create new files and such properly on NTFS since windows stores some of the necessary information in the registry.

But I'm no expert on filesystems so I could well have misinterpreted something.

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Well, right now, we write saves back to the original directory.

This could change.

We use our own Cache.



Ahh, hehe, actually SavePath works too, if you specify it.

Otherwise it is the same as GamePath

This stuff is getting big.


If the new 'savepath' doesn't work, you might want to create 'save' and 'mpsave' directories in it. I'm unsure if GemRB creates those on its own. I play it with the original game's savepath.

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