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BGTUTU mod - The Grey Clan: In Candlelight


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I had a mod called The Grey Clan: Last Breath of the Past, which I have revised recently. The result is The Grey Clan: In Candlelight. It has a stock BG1 and a BGTUTU edition as well.


Here are some screenshots from its BGTutu edition: Lord Jusam, Moon Horrors, The Tattooed Man, Flaming Fist Deserters.


You can find many, many more screenshots as well as a lot of other information on the mod's website. You can also DOWNLOAD the mod from there.


Here is a short summary of its features:

  • Two editions are available: one for BG1 (TotSC is required), another for BG1Tutu
  • WeiDU-based installer: full compatibility with other normal mods
  • First episode of a trilogy: its story is an aspect of the Clan's world and background
  • Solid expansion: does not mess up your game with miscellaneous modifications and additions
  • Brand-new quests: one main quest, with several subquests
  • Hard battles: some battles are extremely challenging
  • New items: magical weapons and armour
  • Enemies: bandits, undead, golems, sorcerers, wizards... one of them with a brand-new soundset
  • Attacking mod-critical characters will interrupt the mod's plot

Finally, a review of the mod by SirChet:

In my opinion this is 1 to 2 hours of BGing at it's best! This adventure is full of surprises, plot twists, and occasional humor. Durring your investigation of the Grey Clan you will meet some interesting NPC's with original and sometimes humorous sound sets. A word of advice....Don't judge an NPC by it's appearence.


I found the battles to be challenging, but not to difficult for a player that knows their party's strengths and weaknesses. The cut scenes are well done and show off the excellent modding skills of the people that must of worked very hard to put this together.


In short: A very well done, somewhat combat orrientated mod that I'm sure you will find yourself playing over and over again, at least until chapter 2 is released.

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