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Intall Problems With SP Collection

Guest Dave

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I recently tried to install the SP Collection as I wanted to use the Death Knight kit for my evil party. The trouble is evrytime I try to install I get the message cannot find set up tp.exe (or something like that) this happens after I intially run the install and have to run the set up exec in. I have a few other mods installed I don't know if they would effect the install: Song & Silence, Virtue, NPC Kit, Quest, Unfinished Business, & Cleric remix, apart from the official patch I think that's it!


Any ideas why I can't install this also happened with G3 Tweaks I believe which I couldn't install either. Maybe it's the method of installation? I install in the SoA folder then run set up in the same folder, I presume this is correct?? :)

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