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Working on Kits...

Brave Sir Garrick

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Hello all,


I recently re-entered the world of game modding and ran into a bit of a snag. I had just finished editing all kinds of 2das and dialog.tlk. My kit seemed ready to try out and test, but during character creation the game crashes whenever I click on any of the class choices. I had run into this problem before, but cannot remember what file it was that was affecting this.


Anyone have any idea as to what is causing this, and/or how one might go about fixing this? Thanks.

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Did you do it with WeiDU or other methods?


At exactly what point does it crash? When you click on a class to display kits or when you have picked a kit and proceed to the next stage? The former suggests your K_X_X.2DA files are broken, though if you didn't use WeiDU it might be a pain to fix whatever went wrong.

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Try replacing them with the originals - you won't see your kits, but if it stops the crash it suggests that is where the error lies.


In any case, I think WeiDU works on Macs so I would really recommend looking into it for kits. :p

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Guest Guest_Brave Sir Garrick_*

Ah, thanks for the help guys. I fixed the problem though, apparently the application I was using had been corrupting the files. I now use Near Infinity (which is quite awesome). :p

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