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DLTCEP Area Question


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Does anybody else get this with DLTCEP (v6.7f), when you load an area, if the area needs to be re-ordered DLTCEP decides to drop the Wed and Script names (they appear blank) OR if I am switching from one area to another DLTCEP will keep the Wed and Script name of the previous area if the area I am loading needs to be re-ordered.


Now the odd thing about this is that if I click on any other tab and then load the new area the correct Wed and Script name always appear but I always have to make sure I am on any other tab other than General.



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If dltcep really drops any field that is supposed to be there (be it edited by ietme or not), it would be a bug.

So, i'll check this out.


It is definitely unintentional and could be fixed.


But, i urge you to try to load those areas into ietme again (don't save with dltcep) and check if the references are present. I never have experienced this bug.


Btw, the thing where dltcep relies on reloading the chitin.key is also a bug, it should be able to update its internal references whenever you save a new file. (so that is also a bug, but a less significant one).

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Yes the references are present in IETME.


I should probably point out that I have up to now been primarily using IETME for area creation (the click selection for Search map creation is just too easy). Anyway I generally do as much as I can in IETME and then open the area in DLTCEP to tweak.


If I am on the General tab in Area Editing when I open the area DLTCEP will give the message about re-ordering the area and then delete the Wed and Script name. If I close without saving IETME shows me the Wed and Script name with no problems.


After the area I just completed last night I am thinking of moving to DLTCEP permanently as it saved my area due to a corrupt Search map of all things (IETME's fault). Rebuilding the Search map in DLTCEP fixed the problem.


I don't know how many people are using DLTCEP to create area's so I will try to report anything I come across as I go along. I also experience a weird crash with creating Doors in the new version, the program freezes and gives me that old "X has experienced a fatal error and must close" but I don't know if that is just my PC as I have been experiencing weird crashes with several programs lately!

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