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Bitmaps for DLTCEP from PS:T ?


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I really did not want to do it this way, but...


I have been playing with making areas with DLTCEP, following the tutos and doing pretty well thanks, but...


For a mod I am working on I need to get the Dead Nations area bitmaps from PS:Torment and I am having a hell of a time.


I have tried using NI to get the bitmaps from PS:T that I need, but whenever I try to open up an area file I get an error message pop up. Likewise, I have tried to get the bitmaps I need from the Area Download section at dragonlance (I think that is it) but although they have some PS:T bitmap areas, the Dead Nations are not among them.


Can someone post the maps or instruct me on how to go about grabbing them?





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You can extract the bitmaps using dltcep.

Is there any problem with that?



Well, I suppose not, but...


How do I do dat? The tutorial I am working from (that I have always worked from) sez on the very first page: "I am assuming you already have the bitmaps in question" - which is great if you DO, but if you DO NOT then it can be a lil confusing.


I have my DLTCEP set up for BG2 but it would be a small matter to guide it to my PS:T setup, then....?


I'll play with it, but advice would be nice.



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Well, assuming you managed to load the area, go to the wed editor.

There is an extract button. Click on that.


You can click on the 'preview selection' button if you are a visual type.

There you can select the upper left corner and the lower right corner of the saved rectangle.

It could be saved in bmp or tis format.

Click on open doors (it is by default) if you want them closed.


About setups: dltcep can have multiple setups, guess you know that.

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