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The Throne of Bhaal Final Scene


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When one combines obsessions, nightmarishly bad prose results. Don't do it at home!





********************The Throne of Bhaal Final Scene*****************


(The camera rotates, showing the roof of the Iron Throne building. The door opens, lighting up the tiled floor… Anomen and a female in the black spiky armor step out. The camera focuses on Anomen's guileless eyes. He breathes out)


“There were others…â€Â


(The female grabs him by the throat and pushes him toward the railing.)


"My husband, I loved only one man."


(Anomen’s eyes go wide.)


(She crashes his windpipe and shoves)


(His broken figure lands down below and bleeds on the cobblestones)


(She watches it, leaning against the railing. Then, with a quiet satisfaction in her voice)


"Yes. Only Kivan."


Sorry, George.

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