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A story with Mur'Neth


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I have played nearly all game with Mur'Neth, lots of fun to have him in my evil party (I always play evil, I am a true bhaalspawn and love to play evil ;)


Well, so few comments:

- Mur'Neth doesn't have all the immunities listed.

So I checked the .cre and see that Mur'Neth lvl 10 have all the kit immunities, but not the lvl 2 version (which I get in naskhel mines)

- Mur'Neth is weak. Maybe, I am bad with thief...

I had a party with: (sort by xp kills, % are just indicators)

- kagain 28%

- shar-teel 27%

- alystin (sorcerer) 25%

- imoen 12%

- viconia 9%

- mur'neth 6%


I gave Mur'Neth a good equipment:

Shadow armor +3

protection ring +1 (I use P&P protection rule -> Tututweaks)

short sword +2 I think



And get it verys early in the game, so he ended to lvl 10 just before the demon knight.


Anyway, he was still weak, fun, but that's all


Maybe I would have prefered a fighter version of Mur'Neth, because I have always been decieved by thief (except multi or dual one)


To finish my story, I had some much troubles in battles that I was forced to change Mur'Neth for Edwin (far more effective, no need to say)


I like evil NPC mod because they are rare, most of them are good ;)

But I definitly can't play with a weak NPC in my party


Every evil party know the rule : if you are useless to the party, the party kicks you!

It's even more true for chaotic evil party ;)


So, my question is:

Did you have great success with Mur'Neth?

if yes, how did you ? I'm curious... :)

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I am glad you are enjoying the mod. :) I don't actually get much feedback on Mur'Neth--probably because he is a Tutu-only NPC (so only Tutu players will use him) and he is a Thief, which BG1 has lots of.


Which immunities is he missing? There is only one .CRE file for him, so perhaps it is a case of them being added at the wrong time. In the future I can always force application of the immunity spell in his script on joining, or something.


As for the weakness, you do have a point. I also noticed he had fewer kills than other party members. I took care not to make the kit too powerful, since it gives some pretty decent immunities. These immunities can prove particularly useful against certain spellcasters and creatures, and there's some fights which can be a walkover if you use him carefully. However against a regular combat, yeah, he might be less powerful than other NPCs. I am not sure what, if anything, to do about this. One idea would be to introduce a limited backstab ability for the kit. Another would simply be to increase his Strength and Dexterity scores a bit.


I'm open to suggestions. ;)

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