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Stat: Wild Magic [281]


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I’ve just read the description of the effect 281 (Stat: Wild Magic [281]) in the SoA:ToB part of IEDSP and I think there’s a small mistake in it.


According to the description the effect will adjust the chance of a wild surge, while the game refers to it as increasing the chance to get a favourable wild surge. They used this effect to add points to the roll for the wild surge table, which normally leads to better surges since a higher roll is better. So I don’t think it actually increases the chance of getting a wild surge, instead it will give you a better wild surge *if* a wild surge occurs.


Of course I could be wrong about this. :) But when I noticed the inconsistence between the usage and description in the game, and the description in IEDSP I decided to let you know.


Greetings. ;)

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