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Actual Fantasy mod


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I've begun working on my second mod, called Actual Fantasy. It's a bigger mod I work on whenever I'm temporarily bored with Lockheart. It's main quest is about dealing with the consequences of killing Kangaxx, but you could also enjoy the extras this mod brings (Items, quests, NPC's, romances, areas) without doing the main quest by simply not reviving Kangaxx. Besides, I'm making this with a component-based install in mind, so people can install only the items or the quests if they want, for example. The website is being worked on, but it already has a forum at RPG Dungeon.


And in case you missed her, click this way for the Lockheart Romance mod.


For the worried and the skeptic, there is no need for either of that. I'm not abandoning any of my mods. Progress doesn't have to be fast. Just steady and comfortable for the author.



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