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Pleasant Surprise!


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I like him. He's a damned good thief and he's accessible early in the game. Has more experience in detecting traps than Monty. I try to use the 'Solobuff.bs' for all thieves and he was invaluable during the Cloakwood, especially when I remembered to turn the autopause on for traps. Does he have his own default script (x.bs) for enemies? I hate having to do 'ooze touch' and constantly target enemies when AI is on.


Have to get a wizard with haste in party to cast haste on him when he shapeshifts -- he's just too slow to be of much use in ooze form.


Gotta see what he does with Ghrey's Indira and the other npcs - left her in Gullykin as no room in party but will pick her up later


That voice just cracks me up.

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I've not written a custom AI script but if anyone wants to I'd include it.


Expect a new version soon to correct the bug with the first conversation being the wrong one, though no need to upgrade otherwise really.


And yeah, Ooze form is tough but slow. Good if you need him to soak up some hits in a fight.


And yeah, Compton's voicing is cool.

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