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1. BG1 Banter Sequence (Initiated from PID); most of them happen at night and before going to bed.


~The stars were falling. A rare and precious sight, yet it fills my soul with sadness and longing.~

~I wanted to ask you, <CHARNAME>... What are you thinking of when you are watching sunsets? There was an emotion written on your face I did not quite understand.~

~Do you know what "Shilmista" means in Common tongue?~

~We parted abruptly, <CHARNAME>, and I never got a chance to tell you, how terrified I was for you...~

~'Quel undome, a'maelamin Deheriana. Good night, my beloved Deheriana.~

~I have noticed that you are the only one who does not try to change the subject when I mention Deheriana.~


2. Catching Up Friendly Cycle


~You have changed, <CHARNAME>.~

~How did the mage manage to capture you, mellonamin?...~

~I still cannot come to terms with Khalid and Dynaheir's deaths. ~

~Tell me, <CHARNAME>, what occupied your time in Baldur's Gate, after my departure for Shilmista?~

~I wonder what have become of our other companions. Do you know their fate?~


3. Event Related Longer Conversations - bundled in cycles if depend on one another


~<CHARNAME>, I have noticed a handful of acorns in your pack.~ // PC has Driad's Acorns

~It might be helpful if you could recount as much as possible about your captor, <CHARNAME>.~ //if talked about acorns

~One thing you have said about your captor troubles me. The eyes of clear piercing blue.~ //if mentioned Irenicus' eyes in previous

~The woodland creatures have been restored to their forest. It is good to see an evil design become undone.~ //previous occured and gave acorns back.


~I cannot believe that a sane person would willingly deprive herself of her eyesight! ~ // A few min after seeing the UE prophet

~I would tell you about Shevarash, if you wish.~ //mentioned Shevarash in previous

~How did you know to do this, mellonamin? To heal this monster?~ //killed avatar in UE quest


~Immortality… why does it beacon humans so that they are ready to commit any crime for it?~ //Lavok is dead, PC is Human before Ch5


~(Kivan walks over to Tazok's dead body and stares at it for a long moment. A chilling look comes into his eyes.)~ //Killed Tazok

~<CHARNAME>, we have forgotten again to buy dried fruits. It must be the thirty-seventh time -~ //allowed Kivan take Tazok's heart in previous

~When had you first realized that evil was not a thing of stories, but was present in your life and very close?~//same as previous ---> starts PID talk about Snowflakes

~<CHARNAME>, I need... Can we talk for a moment? (Kivan looks troubled, that is if granite could look troubled)~ //same as previous


~It is a beautiful bit of the forest.~ //liberated the Grove

~I am troubled with Faldorn's descent into madness.~ //mentioned Faldorn in previous talk ---> Starts PID talk about Eldruth Ventuura if mentioned


~All these thralls and prisoners... Death is an easier fate than this. I do not understand, why would a sentient being rob another of its freedom?~ //killed Master of Thralls in the Planar prison


~The arrows Captain Arat gave us are of a good stock, but I always like to have my own if I have time to make a quiver full. ~ // got fire arrows from Captain Arat, at rest


~How strange: someone made a portrait of a monster, however crude.~ // found a painting of a monster in Spellhold


~Do you need anything, <CHARNAME>? Are you hungry? Hurting?~//PC lost his/her soul, at rest


~(Magical rope or not, the climb down the endless shaft was no easy feat.) // got to Underdark via Suhaugin City


~It is the full measure of your captor's vileness that he came this way and that he would treat with the drow.~ // after spending some time in Ust-Natha


~And yet another one of my guild falls. Let Merella find her way to Mielikki's or Shaundakul's side.~//Merella died


~We are deep into the elven lands now, <CHARNAME>. Can you feel it?~ //Forest of tethir


~This place, it reminds me of Centeol's abode in Cloakwood Forest.~ //Killed Pai'na


~Even the wind feels fresher, cleaner now that Bodhi is dead and defeated.~ //Killed Bodhi


~<CHARNAME>? You look thoughtful. Is something amiss?~ // A dream with Ellesime had occured


~Some say that happiness is not in reaching the destination, but the journey itself. Oh, fools.~ //after Deheriana is restored


4. Romance-Romance


Sequence A.


~Mae govannen. Come down, and I will feed you.~ //at rest forest

~Can you hear the tune that the wind of <MONTHNAME> whistles to the dancing leaves?~ //at rest forest

~(You wake up with a strange feeling that something is wrong. ~ //at waking


Sequence B (some are non-sequential though)


~A wicked cut - I am glad that my cloak got it, not I. Ah, well, there is none to it, but to mend it once we stop to rest.~

~My great-aunt, Gil'elenea, used to say that elven memory is more of a curse than a blessing.~

~You look tired, <CHARNAME>. Rest awhile, the day ahead is likely to prove difficult.~ //At Rest

~(You wake, to your surprise, in Kivan's arms. ~ // Follow up to previous 1

~(Kivan looks at your fingers weaved together. // Follow up to previous 2

~Look at the stars, mellonamin. //Night Outside

~Careful, vanimaer! You have nearly-~ //in a dungeon or in the forest

~I was remembering our parting in Baldur's Gate, <CHARNAME>.~

~Do you know what they call rain that is born and falls far above, but evaporates too quickly and does not reach the ground?~

~It... it rains, <CHARNAME>.~ // Follow up to previous if rain was desired

~(By your cheek lay wildflowers)~ // At waking

~It ends here, does it not? ~ // At the Tree of Life, if P#KivanLove> 9


5. Encounters


Kivan will ask not to throw the Lover's Ring to the Pipes in the Sewers. Listen to him. He will prompt you to talk to Quataris. Do not sell the Ring. Go talk to Jisstevs. Chislav Jisstev will find you later


In the Underwater City you will meet Jozzi the Seasnake. Banter with her a bit :)


In the Docks there stands Neiros; banter with him. After you have done the driads quest and recieved the braid of driad's hair he will upgrade the bow. If asked about the reward, he will accept an emerald later for a bit more XP.


6. Special PID's


Ask Kivan about his past - before Chapter 4, starts the old sequence of BG1 talks

Ask Kivan about Snowflakes encounter conclusion

Ask Kivan about what to do about Bodhi/Aran dilemma

Ask Kivan's advice throughout the Ranger's Stronghold

Ask Kivan about Eldreth Ventuura





That's all I can think of right now

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