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Neh'taniel NPC mod BETA available


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Allow me to introduce a paladin with a twist; Sir Neh'taniel from the days of Eaerlann, Judicial Knight of Amaunator.


Neh'taniel brings you...


He is Lawful Neutral, Wraith, Undead Hunter paladin class.

Dialogue up the yin yang.

He introduces and/or extends new side quests.

He will (eventually) banter twice with each party member.

Even his sword has dialogue up the yin yang.

He will romance the PC and a certain npc. The PC must be female and cannot be a thief class.

He comes with special abilities that grow stronger when he reaches certain levels.

He does not become abducted by Bodhi. (What does happen to him is in the ToB beta, not this one)

Custom items and spells oh my!

Possible to gain your very own ice weasel.

He speaks!

A character with a rich and detailed story every bit as interesting as CHARNAME's.



Neh'taniel SOA is nearing completion and he needs your help. You can be one of the first to discover this vibrant new character by helping with the beta testing. Neh'taniel needs dedicated individuals who will relentlessly hunt down and report any remaining bugs.


You find out more about Neh'taniel and download the beta and voice pack by following this link


You can also dig up some more interesting information on Neh'taniel, ask him a question, or pester his creator, Amazordra, by going to Neh'taniel's forum.






*note to the mods: if this is in the wrong place, then please move it to the appropriate forum*


Here is just fine. Good luck and nice work - Cam

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