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Guest ryba

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i have some questions

1. is kivan compatibile with tdd (with weidu version), there is also kivan in tdd

2. what are kivans starting profficiencies?

3. my chracter will be male and i will not have in party aerie or cernd, so is there any quest related to kivan?

thans for answers

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It is technically compatible with TDD, but you will have two Kivans. There is a tentative agreement to rectify that with BP guys once I am done with V6.


His starting profs are 4 stars in the long bow, and one in spear, long sword each, plus the rangers' normal 2 stars in dual-w.


A small sidequest is currently available - Deheriana's ressurection, but it is buggy atm, so I would suggest that you wait to try him till V6 is out. There, Kivan has some four or five encounters special to him, and ridiculously much more content than in V5.



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