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On the off chance that someone else might find them useful, I thought I'd mention any unique utilities I'm using for this project:




I've hacked together a command line addition to NearInfinity that fills in a small nitch for me somewhere between DLTCEP and WeiDU (and of course NearInfinity). My primary need was for a command line utility with text format output that I could process in various ways with Perl scripts (or any other text utility). I'll have to wait and see what the best way is for me to distribute this NI "enhancement". Here's the "usage" info for the utility:


frichard@comp:/> nidiggen
Usage: NIDigGen [-e -f -u -a -l TYP] <chitin-key> <out-dir> <res-name> ...
   -e      Export the resource(s) to <out-dir>
   -f      Load the resource(s) from the specified file(s)
   -u      Include unknown fields in text output
   -a      Include hex offsets in text output
   -l TYP  List all resouces of type TYP and exit


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