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1. Friendship Sequence


~Prophets, portents, dreams that are not dreams.... How do you endure it, <CHARNAME>?~

~That was a sad tale, the one we saw unfold in Suldanessellar.~

~Where are we now, in which land? We wander like leaves blown by the wind...~

~One just cannot hide from this war, can he?~

~Do you think, <CHARNAME>, that there is a happy ending in store for us?~


2. Events Dependent Sequence


~What do you think of this woman, Melissan?~ //in Amkethran

~We lost Saradush.~ //guess when

~I must say that I cannot puzzle out this man, Balthazar. He seems to be… noble, but he lets his people starve.~ //after the first meeting with Balthazar

~By the Seldarine! Only now...~ //after killing Abazigail

~<CHARNAME>, I do not think that any <PRO_MANWOMAN> has faced as many trials as you have. You were tested through your past, your future, your very emotions…~ //after the 4th challenge

~CHARNAME>, why are we here?~ //Recieving the Watcher's Keep Quest


3. Lovetalks


~There were things said between us, that I do not want to be lost in this dark tide.~ //unconditional


//all these are at REST, except for the morning after//



~(A kiss touches your brow) Was I too... hasty, fairest?~ //morning after, intimate

~A man was meant to love like that but once.~

~Do not move beyond my sight, brightest star of Ao.~

~Alcarinquë, I brought you chilled wine to wash away the dust and heat of the day.~ //if going to sleep in the day time

~Alcarinquë, I brought you some mulled wine spiced with cloves, honey and raisins. It will ward off the night's chill.~ //if going to sleep in the night time

~(Kivan sits down and puts his hand on your blanket)~

~(Kivan gets his cloak off, and runs his fingers through his hair.)~


4. Standard Flirts


Will repeat over 2000 sec interval up to 30 times (I hope) while you are walking around


5. Night Flirts


Should trigger when you are going to rest after the main 7 talks are done. Should repeat up to 30 times (I hope).


6. PC initiated Flirts: 15+2


7. Other (so far)


-Master Wraith

-Nyalee will take Tazok's Heart and that will give Kivan back his lost con, and if you were really nice to him in SoA it will exceed his initial one slightly.


-Cespanar will update Kivan's bow *if* Neiros updated it in SoA.

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