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G3 Tweaks v16 Released


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The G3 Tweak Pack is a compilation of fixes, cosmetic changes, and tweaks. Some of these were fan requests, others are needed fixes, and others simply make dealing with the more irritating aspects of the game engine easier. Each component can be installed separately so the player can pick and choose only which ones they wish to install. This tweak pack is a combination and update of CamDawg's and Idobek's Tweak Packs.

Changes in v16:

  • Installation speed improvements for Commoners Use Drab Colors, Universal Clubs, Weapon Styles for All, Delay High Level Abilities, and 100% Learn Spells
  • Added code to make Valen/Solaufein-Style Interjections compatible with the BG2 Imoen Romance
  • Fixed bug with Higher HP on Level Up; NWN-style option was not delivering as promised
  • Fixed bug with Maximum HP Creatures (the bigg) where dual-classes were not receiving their proper hit points
  • Fixed bug with P&P Style Protection Items where certain items were granting AC bonuses though they shouldn't
  • Enhanced P&P Style Protection Items component by including new descriptions for no-AC-bonus items (English only)
  • Fixed bug with Rebalanced Weapon Proficiencies where proficiency descriptions were not being patched properly

Complete list of components:

  • Shadows of Amn World Map Fixes
  • Change Magically Created Weapons to Zero Weight
  • Make +x/+y Weapons Consistent
  • English Only: Description Updates for Make +x/+y Weapons Consistent Component
  • Remove Helmet Animations
  • Imoen Avatar Change
  • Nalia Avatar Change
  • Viconia Skin Color Change
  • Avatar Morphing Script
  • Weapon Animation Tweaks
  • Icewind Dale Casting Graphics (Andyr)
  • Restore SoA Load Screen Logo (ToB Required)
  • Disable Portrait Icons Added by Equipped Items
  • Commoners Use Drab Colors
  • Icon Improvements
  • Change Avatar When Wearing Robes or Leather Armor (Galactygon)
  • Gems and Potions Require Identification
  • Force All Dialogue to Pause
  • Valen/Solaufein-Style Interjections
  • Alter HP Triggers for NPC Wounded Dialogues
  • Two-Handed Bastard Swords
  • Two-Handed Katanas
  • Universal Clubs
  • English Only: Description Updates for Universal Clubs Component
  • Weapon Styles for All
  • Reveal Wilderness Areas Before Chapter Six
  • Improved Athkatlan City Guard (Andyr)
  • Druids Use Cleric Level and Spell Progression
  • Delay High Level Abilities
  • Experience Point Cap
  • Allow Stealth and Thieving Abilities in Heavy Armor per P&P
  • English Only: Descriptions Updates for Stealth and Thieving Abilities in Heavy Armor Component
  • Allow Arcane Spellcasting in Armor
  • English Only: Descriptions Updates for Allow Arcane Spellcasting in Armor Component
  • Expanded Dual-Class Options
  • Gradual Drow Item Disintegration
  • P&P Style Protection Items
  • Rebalanced Weapon Proficiencies
  • Sellable Staffs, Clubs, and Slings (Icelus)
  • Higher HP on Level Up
  • Maximum HP Creatures (the bigg)
  • Identify All Items
  • 100% Learn Spells
  • Bottomless Bags of Holding
  • Add Ammo Belts and Potion Cases to SoA
  • PnP Spell Progression Tables
  • Give Edwin his BG Stats
  • Give Jaheira her BG Stats
  • Change Jaheira to Neutral Good Alignment
  • Give Minsc his BG Stats
  • Give Viconia her BG Stats

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