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Imoen not herself?

Guest Mka

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Hey: first, thank you for this excellent mod.


I'm having a problem- Imoen is quoting someone else (I think a female romance interest). She seems to start her normal dialog with me okay, but when selected, she doesn't have her usual soundfiles- instead, she says things like 'That was unexpected. Are you alright?', 'Yes, I wish it.', 'I shall do so. Goodbye,... and forgive me.', and a line about a noble son and a woman representing her family.


Also, she randomly sprouts out with

'Can you imagine a woman at your side? One who shares...'

'Ironic does not equal good. Our relationship will not lead anyway...'

instead of battlecries.


I tried reinstalling the mod, which didn't seem to help, and I couldn't find any key for a built in stringfixer anywhere, which I thought might work ('K' didn't seem to). Is there anything I can do, or should I just reinstall TuTu and everything?

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Hi, this usually happens when you use an old save after mod configuration had changed. So you really don't need to reinstall. Imoen in a new game should be just fine.


We don't have a string fixer, which I should actually put on the list of the additions to V12.


The cumbersome way of "fixing" the problem is killing the character. Summoning him or her via CLUA console. Restoring their SPRITEISDEAD Global to 0:


1) Install CLUA

2) Ctrl+Y Imoen

3) CreateCreature("_IMOEN2")

4) Ctrl+Q new Imoen in the party


6) SetCurrentXP(####) where #### is the amount of XP she used to have.

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