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Anyone up for testing?


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I'm writing and coding a few new things, but his quest is done and should probably work fine. I've tested it but I guess it is always possible people could break it somehow...


So, yeah, I'm looking for a couple of testers to give him a run through with Tutu 4 or Tutu 6. If anyone's interested, reply here or PM me.

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You can test it with whatever you want and then let me know if it breaks anything. ;) Drew's given some feedback with a few points for correction/improvement, and everything worked for him and when I tested it too but a third check can't hurt.


I'll PM Cam to give you workroom access and then let you know more details.

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I used Easy Tutu on my test. I didn't feel the need to mention that since, in the end, all Easy tutu is is tutu v4 with tutufix 15 and a couple extra bugfixes that I inevitably did myself when I ran tutu. The main reason I use it is because I'm too lazy to make a(nother) clone install.

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Well, if he worked with Easy Tutu for you and works on my Tutu 6 that's good news overall. ;)



works with easy tutu?


cool- it would make sense...


when did you install it - right at the end or in some particular order?


I'm about to start a game (today) but have three more mods to install...


can i have him, please: see: "0 new messages".

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