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Recent addition to DetectStat

Horred the Plague

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Hey, bud--it's been a while. BP-weidu nears its first public beta release, and with it brings a little bit of new stat detection.


Since the open slots are all used up, I piggybacked the value off of WIZARD_GREATER_MALISON. Values 11-20. The detection? Cloud-type spells.


Web, entangle, stinking cloud, cloudkill, ice storm, meteor swarm---any and all. The detection is on the cloud projectile itself, with duration of six seconds to match the cloud's parsing 1/round. It is clear detection of "I am in a poison cloud! I must run away." (KR's old bit, about 30 lines shorter--and more effective). Perhaps the "invisible creature at the center" approach could be incorporated into this as well, and give 100% functionality.


King Diamond has already added this to BPDetectStats v1.2. He has a couple other issues to fix, so there may be a v 1.3 soon.


Here is the new info, from the documentation.




          1= Greater Malison    (spwi412)

          2= Bane of Beshaba    (sppr332)


[PIGGYBACKED]: Cloud-type effects //************** added 01-02-2006


    11 = Stinking Cloud, Staff of Air, (TDD) Heavy Cloud

    12 = Entangle, Plant Growth

    13 = Grease, (BP) Darkness 30' Radius

    14 = Web

    15 = Ice Storm, Dragon Rain

    16 = Cloudkill, Death Fog, Golem Gas, Mane Gas, Incendiary Cloud

    17 = Golem Gas

    18 = Fire Storm, Meteor Swarm

    19 = Storm of Vengeance, (TDD) Anti-Magic Cloud

    20 = (TDD) Cloud of Pestilence

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Detectable Stats/Spells/States/Affects/Effects is being integrated into the Fixpack in the (optional) modder component. It's not going to be available as a standalone package any more. :)


It is also built into BP classic & -weidu by default, since it started there and BP is utterly dependent on it--so please keep me posted of any additions/changes as well; pretty-please--in whatever incarnation it transforms into. & I shall continue to do the same, so all is on the same page.


(P.S: damn there's some funky smileys over here--I can't even choose one!)

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