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MIT doesn't work on my comp


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When I try to use MIT, it says that "source directory does not exist", despite the fact that it detected where it is (i.e. my BG2:ToB source directory is in "source installation directory" field when I run the program).

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This is hardly "more concrete", but I also failed to get MIT to work correctly. It installed fine on my WinXP, but didn't actually work - if that makes sense. If not, please ignore since I've given up on having multi-installs due to rapidly diminishing hard drive space.

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OK, just for you:


The MIT, when installed, appeared to do what it set out to do (i.e. set up duplicates and all), but when trying to play the duplicates it turned out that either they didn't start or they referred back to the original installation.


Specs: MIT-v4.2 and ToB (fully patched and 'dashed).

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Moving to Bug Reports.


Would you be able to see if this still happens with MIT-5 Beta 1? And if it does, can you send me a copy of your bgmain.exe (from the clone dir)? Email is in my profile. Also, if you find it runs but refers back to the original install, can you give me a list of the specific steps you took to determine this?

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The only people able to report this disappearing for months at a time does not count as 'concrete'. Also, it appears to be a primarily local issue (else someone else would have reported it in the intervening nine months), and there's not been any testing done yet as to whether it occurs on 5.0 (released 2 and a half months ago). I'm moving this to No Action, and locking it. I'm also going to re-implement logging quickly, so that in future we have a clear measure of concreteness.

If anyone wishes to re-report this or similar bugs, please include a copy of your clone bgmain.exe; or your MIT log if that functionality exists again.

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