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Bug in FMC choice.

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If you install the FMC class choice for Deheriana, she doesn't get any sounds, since there is a COPY without all the SAYs. An easy fix if you know your way around and by chance read the tp2, but still :down:

Moreover, said component is redundand, since you get the same class if you don't install any component from said subcomponent group.

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Will fix it in the next version. Fortunately, it is easily fixable in the game: you can select Deheriana's player-initiated dialogues (at least in ToB, probaly not in SoA), and ask her to speak normally. The voice then gets re-assigned (or, in this case, assigned. :down:

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Oh, um, right :down:


Still, I dread to think of the day when I'll suggest people to fix bugs in WeiDU by simply modifying the source and recompiling :down:

(compiling WeiDU is slightly trickier on Windows than pressing 'k' in game, but you get the picture :devil: )

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