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BG1NPC v11.1 for BGT-Weidu

Sir BillyBob

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On TheWizard's mirror sites, you will find a new version of BG1NPC for BGT-Weidu. It is still the same as the v11 from G3, I just made some changes to it and reposted.



Imoen's BIMOEN2.DLG file is checked to see if it already exists (this should make BG1NPC compatabile with NeJ2).

Fixed some of Jaheira's dialog files. Hopefully this also fixes the druid quest she has (I didn't verify this).

Fixed some of Alora's dialog files.

Used Weidu version 189 which required some tweaks to the TP2 file.

Fixed Coran's script. For some reason Weidu doesn't like some of the G3 coding of the script (multiple conditions on one line - token error) so I pasted into DLTCEP, compiled, and pasted back into the BAF file. Now it works.


Link is:




If using this version, please post any problems at the Spellhold Studio's Forum or to me sirbillybob@gmail.com. Do NOT bother the good folks here! They don't use that version and they should be too busy with version 12 anyway. :down: Right??

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