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Silver Marches


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I've been kicking around this idea for a few months and recently started creating areas for a potential total conversion. It is set in the Forgotten Realms Silver Marches of the North the area around Silverymoon, Mithral Hall, and Citadel Adbar. I'm interested in this area because it is the area around Hellgate Keep the Anauroch Desert where the shades have returned from the ancient civilization of Netheril, and many other potential plots to explore and take advantage of in this area.

I'm going to start the mod off in the town of Nesme which has been besieged of late by orcs, goblins, trolls from the Evermoors and is plagued by potential near destruction. The protagonist is the child of two seemingly mediocre merchants that have decided to settle in the town. One night as <CHARNAME> lies asleep the sound of smashing glass and clashing steel-on-steel fills the air. <CHARNAME> rushes downstairs to find <HISHER> mother and father in battle with assasins bent on their destruction. <HISHER> father downs three of the assasins in short order while <HISHER> mother steps back to cast an enchantment. As the last words of power are about to be spoken a crossbow bolt slams into her back and she falls to the ground. <CHARNAME> rushes to her aid only to hear malevolent laughter behind him as a dark hooded man steps from the shadows revealing a crossbow leveled directly at <CHARNAME>. AS the bolt flies from the crossbow, <CHARNAME>'s father jumps in the way just in time to save <HIMHER>. <CHARNAME> then jumps out one of the smashed open windows and calls for the aid of the town guard. When they arrive the assasins are gone and the bodies of <CHARNAME>'s parents are all that is left. The next morning <CHARNAME> has a service for his parents with the local priest of Waukeen conducting and <HISHER> good friend Sarleena there for moral support. <CHARNAME>'s mission is now to find the assasins who killed <HISHER> parents and bring them to justice or at least a bloody death at the end of a sword.


What I want to know is if there would be any interest in a mod like this?

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It sounds like it's got a lot of potential. The story start is quite similar to BGI, but revenge is often a good starter for an adventurer. And starting off in a town offers you a reasonable way to let in a majority of races/classes with some logic to things.

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I think there would be a lot of time to spend in Nesme for a while, of course, according to the Silver Marches resource book there is supposed to be a portal underneath the Temple of Waukeen that connects to Silverymoon. I've been mostly using tiles from BG2 and creating maps using IETME then using DLTCEP to do the area editing. If anyone has any better ideas let me know, other than using a 3D program like 3DSMax. I don't have the talent, time, or computing power for that really. I've been trying to think of another hook to start things off. I know I want to have a single protagonist like BG because I think it draws the player into the game more.

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I've been mostly using tiles from BG2 and creating maps using IETME then using DLTCEP to do the area editing.

I would really, really give some very serious thought to changing from IETME to DLTCEP. There are a number of serious (read: mod-screwing) problems with IETME mostly revolving around the order in which it assembles .are and .wed files. Theo developed a good editing tool there but like so many first-generation tools, it's been superceded by later stuff. If Theo had continued its development it may have been THE area-editing tool but as it stands, it does not have the power or functionality of DLTCEP. If learning how to use DLTCEP is the problem, then see sig....



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