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Known Issues with V6 - Please Read!

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List of Bugs:


1) Kivan is silent in ToB


Quick Fix: see pinned thread


Fix for V7:

File check fails in some valid ToB installs. Replace file check for ToB install with a different file:



2) There are still questions about initiating Kivan's romance. Some players have problems accumulating P#KivanLove


Quick Fix: Check the value of P#KivanLove before going to Spellhold. If below 3 and you want to go to Spellhold, set it to 3. If above 3, go to Spellhold, and talk to Aphril. After you got the news of Deheriana's death and exit to the surface, the romance track will start.


Update ReadMe with even more information on how to initiate the romance. Stress, that the presence of Aerie or Cernd in the party do not affect the romance, only Deheriana related events. Add a Player-Initiated option, that will be there untill the player reaches P#KivanLove of 4 and allows the player to set P#KivanLove to 4 by simply selecting it any time before Chapter 4.


3) Kivan leaves after interjecting with Adrik


Quick Fix: Set "P#KivanAdric","GLOBAL" to 1 before the event occurs.


Replace I_C_T with I_C_T2 on SARSON01 or delete all together if it's a cutscene or some such.


4) Deheriana turns hostile after interjection with Nyalee


Quick Fix: Set "P#DehNyaleeSpirits","GLOBAL", to 1


Replace I_C_T with I_C_T2 on I_C_T2 HGNYA01 30 for Deheriana.


5) The last talk from BG1 sequence won't start up.


Not sure, will have to check.


6) The open Global on the Morning after fire blanket if you get the "fingers weaved together" MA option, results in this dialogue repeating. Global is reset from 2 to 2 in the dialogue.


Quick Fix: Set "P#KiLace", "GLOBAL" to 3

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