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Ashes of Embers version 19 has been released!

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Version 19 of Ashes of Embers has been released, and includes the following changes:


- Weapon proficiencies for fighter/clerics /druids has been fixed

- Weapon proficiencies for the BG1Tutu universal weapons component fixed

- Added some unique and actually useful items of the five new flavours

inotruced by AoE; Katars, Bolas, Banded/Scale/Field Plate armour

- Added support for numerous weapons that were missed (enchanted weapon

for instance)


Thanks to Nim and the bigg for their bug reports (as well as others I've probably missed. My memory is terrible).


You can find AoE v19 links here:



See this thread to learn more about the added items, including their locations in the game.


If you speak either Spanish, German, or French, and are willing to translate about 40 or so strings, please check this thread. All other translators are welcome to give it a shot, too! :D


As usual, feel free to stop by the forum and post any bugs you find, and suggestions as well.

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