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Help with Ajantis


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Long time lurker around this forum, first time poster. I haven't played this mod for very long (just working through the first romance with Ajantis), but so far, I love it!


I just have a couple of questions. I'm at the stage where Ajantis brings up the subject of becoming more intimate. I think it's LT20. Anyway, I've gone through the dialogue several times, trying different combinations to see what results. Is there no chance that Ajantis will sleep with the PC, or did I goof somewhere in the romance? Also, out of all the times I've run through this dialogue, I got the "lock of hair" LT only once. I haven't been able to repeat this, even when I chose the same lines that led to the hair talk before. Is it a random thing?


Sorry if this matter has been posted before. If it has, please direct me to the proper thread. ;)

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If I recall correctly there are two talks about spending the night together. The first one you can't sleep with him, but another one will show up and he will have changed his mind. You can then chose to sleep with him or not.


The hair lock is a random flirt, I thought. I could be wrong as I haven't played the mod in a while.

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