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Cleric Remix BETA v0.8.1 Released


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Hey all, the new version of Cleric Remix has been released. It includes a lot of bugfixes (mainly thanks to Idobek!). That's what I get for trying to rush something out before vacation. :D


View the complete readme


Go to the download page


* TDD/BP kit disabler now works and has been made more failsafe

* Moonblade is fixed

* Viconia/Branwen kit components will no longer fail if installed at a later date than their respective kits

* Chakram BAMs references are fixed,

* Morninglords of Lathander are now receifing a proper spellbook adjustment

* Code improvements: 2DA patches are handled much better, as are the Branwen/Viconia kit change components

* Corrected various errors in the readme and the Silverstar description


EDIT: Locked, v0.8.2 is available. Go get it instead.

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