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Help with new script BG2

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Even then, it's pretty rare. Take the first pocket plane challenge. Some of these creatures have very complex scripts (not to mention most have at least 3 or 4 scripts assigned); even chunked, I've yet to see their Die() block fail.


Part of their script is buggy, however:




Dead("chalrv01") // ~The Ravager~

!Dead("yself)") // yself)






!Dead("yself)") is always true, i guess :p Somehow their scripters didn't know Dead accepts only scripting names (strings) in bg2?

Luckily it doesn't cause much of a problem.

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Cookie if you can name a single script where they didn't incorrectly use Dead(). :) Some of the designers tried working around this in a select few scripts, but every other script in the game tries !Dead(O:Object).

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